Smart Vibrations

Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmangement is an independent engineering office for vibration control solutions owned by Dr. Kerstin Kracht. Since 2017 Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement has been based next to Schwerin in Mecklenburg - a beautiful region of Northern Germany.

Dr. Kracht knows that any work of art can move. They trigger emotions and passions; they inspire and create ideas. Works of art and cultural assets are in many respects very valuable witnesses to their times. Preserving these treasures is the top priority for Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement.

Similarly, Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement is about education, passing on and imparting knowledge. Accordingly, Dr. Kracht believes that art must be seen and experienced. For Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement, this approach is perfectly compatible with the concept of protecting it.

Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement feels strongly about applying the latest findings and techniques to protect fragile works of art and cultural assets from vibrations and shocks. Not only during transport, exhibitions, construction work and events in museums, but also during storage in depots.

Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement attaches great importance to quality and sustainability when designing and implementing vibration engineering solutions. Which is why Dr. Kerstin Kracht only cooperates with the best in its sector.