Dr. Kracht

Dr Kerstin Kracht, a vibration technology and structural dynamics engineer, has been passionately using her expertise in vibration and shock prevention for fifteen years for preserving works of art and cultural assets.

Kerstin sets her own standards in solving vibration engineering tasks, relying on the depth and accuracy of her scientific knowledge. On top of that, she has developed her own style of presentation that lets her convey even difficult physics issues clearly and practically to people from outside the field.

Kerstin acquired the necessary tools during her top-class basic training and scientific work at the Technical University of Berlin (with a PhD in Physical Engineering with Vibration Technology and Structural Dynamics) and has since applied those tools, added depth and developed them further in numerous projects.

Kerstin has become one of the world’s top experts in vibration-reducing and shock-absorbing measures during transport, exhibition in museums and galleries and storage in depots.

In addition to her work as an independent engineer, Kerstin gives lectures for actual and prospective restorers and engineers at various institutions (University of Applied Science in Berlin, the Association of German Engineers, the Technical Academy at Esslingen) on “Physical and mechanical fundamentals, shocks, vibrations and measurement technology”.

“There’s always a solution, depending on the system itself, the goals and the conditions.”