Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement sets the standards! This is where you will find the key publications covering the basic knowledge and the development of customized vibration control solutions for preserving works of art and cultural assets.


'From Art to Engineering: Part 1 – Excitations'


Machine Dynamics Research, Vol. 35, No 4, 2011   

'Machine dynamics in the field of protecting cultural assets from shock and vibration' 


Restauro #1 2018   

'Don’t let show cases vibrate!'


Restauro #7 2018

'Vibration behaviour of the oil painting “Carnival” by Max Beckmann'


Restauro #1 2020   

'The vibration isolated pedestal of the “Golden Panel”'



'Turtle uNLtd vs. wooden crate -a competition regarding vibration protection effectivenes'


Restauro #6 2020

'How a turban snail cup and cover travelled from Güstrow Castle to New York'