Dr. Kracht has more than 15 years of experience in vibration and shock measurements in a very wide range of transport situations: in handling, on furniture trolleys, in lorries, on forklifts and both on the taxiway and in the aeroplane. Using this wealth of experience, Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement can develop vibration-optimized solutions:

Object-specific packaging

Every object is unique. Standardized packaging solutions often fail to provide sufficient protection against vibrations and shocks to ensure safe transport. Depending on the specific properties of the object and the type of transport, Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement can design customized packaging solutions. If desired, Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement will create an object-specific packaging concept using sustainable materials, working with its partner Turtle BV to the highest quality standards.


Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement supervises the transport of fragile artworks. Professional data acquisition (DAQ) allows high-resolution determination of the dynamic loads on the artworks. To that end, Dr. Kracht Vibrationsmanagement sets object-specific and transport-specific vibration and shock limits. This makes it easy to detect excessive dynamic loads.

Art moves you, and art can be moved!